Hot Tubs Galore   Greater Vancouver  (604) 888-3933

We Buy Good Hot Tubs

We pay cash for good tubs, or you can pay us to sell it for you (consignment or "delayed payment" plan).

We Salvage Marginal Tubs
If your hot tub is not the nicest or newest model,  it may still be worth something to us.  We remove salvageable hot tubs for free.

We Recycle & Dispose of Junk Tubs
If a tub is not salvageable, we will charge you to dispose of it in a responsible and safe manner.  We recycle what we can and often have to break the tub apart into smaller pieces in order for the landfill to accept it. 

Go to to learn more about hot tub removal/disposal.

Contact us if you might be interested in using our services.

Phone us at (604) 888-3933 or email us at

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